Marketing, Interactive and Content Creation.
We create unique brand experiences that inform consumers with evocative engagement.


Duende is the spirit of evocation, a physical and emotional response to art, it's what gives you chills, makes you laugh or brings you to tears. Seizing the audience, it creates conditions where art can be understood spontaneously.

We will work with you to apply this to your brand. Our unwavering focus on defining each client's brand belief and brand behavior drives revenue and develops brand loyalty. Here's a smattering of some work we're proud of.

CGI Products & Commercials


When considering branded content, your budget's ROI will tend to be much greater
when you consider a wide spectrum of engagement opportunities.

Right now, smaller brands are effectively taking advantage of digital disruption in media and retailing to overcome multibillion-dollar brand dominance.


As customers are faced with a barrage of new media platforms, acquiring and keeping their attention is today's biggest challenge. Giving them something for their time, the advertiser can be assured to keep their attention, while the message is delivered.

The web, TV, mobile, live events and video games help to shape the culture we live in. We produce webisodes and entertainment that blend advertising into experiences and digital content in a manner that builds trust between the consumer and a brand.

By creating content beyond traditional media, we will help you leverage social media, live experiential events, video games and webisodes. We can also help you co-create original TV and theatrical programming to grow your brand in new ways.


Let's sit down and talk about what you want to accomplish.
We're excited to help you determine the right strategic mix for your brand.


Duende is a content development company, working with brands and marketers to produce the very best social engagement, branded content, broadcast programming and experiential events. For over 20 years advertisers from around the world have turned to us.

The collaborative partnerships we've built with our clientele have helped them develop digital content that is persuasive, imaginative, and unforgettable. Our clients include the world's biggest brands, retailers, advertising agencies, charitable organizations - and everything in between.

We produce marketing deliverables of all shapes and sizes. Combine that with an award winning team of creative leadership, production professionals and amazing visual storytellers, it's how Duende can help you reshape the relationships you have with customers.

Whether you need a print ad, interactive marketing, a webseries, documentary, corporate communications or a commercial, we create programming around your brand. Our solutions are designed to create experiences and engage audiences outdoors, on mobile devices, on the web, on TV or on the big screen.

We have brand expertise in digital content, interactive and strategy as well as traditional media. Our challenge and our passion is taking brands into new and deeply engaging territories.

Now that you have a better idea for what Duende can do for you, shall we get started?


That's our thing in a nutshell! We really enjoy what we do and look forward to sharing our enthusiasm and expertise with you.

We have a passion for storytelling, building brands, and of course technology. Thanks for taking your time to look us over.


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